CellysHockey Triangle Passer

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Cellys Hockey triangle passer is the perfect passing aid and team mate while working on your hockey skills on and off the ice. 
No need for a training partner when you have the CellysHockey Triangle passer. Practise your one timers, passing, hand/eye cooridination and much more. This is a must have to improve your hockey skills.
  • SCORE MORE GOALS - this amazing puck rebounder will help you master the one-time which has become an extremely vital part of every hockey players' game. Practice one-timers without a training buddy
  • GREAT HOCKEY TRAINING AID - helps you improve your passing, shooting and stickhandling skills. Can be used on multiple surfaces such as real ice, concrete, hockey tiles and shooting pads
  • BEST VALUE & QUALITY- our Cellys Hockey Triangle Passer is the best value and lowest cost without compromising quality. Made of heavy duty steel and rubber
  • PRACTICE LIKE THE PROS - more than 100 NHL players train with this passing aid. It returns the puck from sides and the three passing slots allow you to practice with your teammates
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE - can be used on multiple surfaces such as real ice, concrete, asphalt, hockey tiles and shooting pads. It has rubber feet and retractable spikes for on or off ice drills